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Life is chaotic! May this website bring you inspiration and direction to live YOUR best life.

Coordinating the Chaos!

The pursuit of balance is a fleeting state of being, but adopting the adaptable skills of coordinating all the chaos is a craft that will take you from one stage (or season) of life to the next. Living mindfully and with intention will allow you to prioritize what's most important for YOUR life. This is a journey of endurance, remembering that you can't help anyone else if you can't help yourself. Whatever has led you to this site, I pray you get something from it. And remember to pay it forward by passing it along to someone else who might be in need of some inspiration or guidance.

In Chaos and Gratitude,


About Me.

I'm Kristen. A blessed Wife, Mom of two boys + two fur babies, Military Veteran, Military Spouse, and survivalist of a chaotic life.

I wasn’t always coordinating the chaos. In fact, about 10 years ago I was in a stressful job, trying to juggle the military lifestyle, and barely keeping my head above water. After having my first child, I was exposed to the reality that I was not a good example to him of how to live a healthy lifestyle. After years of simply “surviving”, I finally put the pieces together and changed my life to where I’m now “thriving”. Now? My passion is sharing what I’ve learned – the good and the bad, helping other military spouses discover another way of life. When I’m not curating content or developing future courses that will help take military spouses to the next level, I can usually be found laughing with my husband & kids, or catching up on my favorite shows.

In Chaos and Gratitude,


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